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As part of our residential care plan team, licensed physical, occupational, speech, and infusion therapists work with the nursing staff to develop individualized programs. Our goal is to have each resident achieve his or her maximum potential.

Country Oaks strives to meet the needs of both short term and long term residents, whose conditions include stroke, orthopedics, balance and fall prevention, pain control, amputee services, incontinence, swallowing problems, as well as other chronic problems.

We also provide social service and psychological consultation as needed.

When your family member or loved one needs either short term rehabilitative care or long term care, choose Country Oaks Care Center, where our residents feel at home.

Music & Memory
As more and more residents, many in their 80s and 90s, enter the care center with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it’s harder for them to reconnect with their memories in a lucid way. But thanks to a program called Music and Memory, in which Country Oaks Care Center is a participant, the residents there have a powerful tool to help them do just that.

Music and Memories


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