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Country Oaks Care Center is locally owned and operated by John and Sharon Henning. Their extensive backgrounds in care and rehabilitation combine with a strong sense of compassion and devotion to set the tone for the unique attitude here. The couple speaks candidly about their philosophy:

"We truly enjoy our field...we can't think of anything we'd rather be doing...Our challenge is making life as normal as possible for the residents. Creating a family atmosphere-a good feeling-is the key. Most important: we never forget that we work in our resident's home-they don't just live where we work."

John Henning, Ph.D, Psychology
Sharon Henning, B.A., Recreational Therapy

Both are Licensed Nursing Home Administrators and members of the organizations listed below.
John & Sharon Henning

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Country Oaks Care Center personnel, physicians and consultants are dedicated to providing quality medical nursing, rehabilitative and support care and services for the residents so they can attain their highest practicable level of functioning in a friendly homelike and safe environment.


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Our staff is honored to earn Santa Maria Sun's "Best Long-Term Care Facility in the Santa Maria Valley"
Taking great care of your loved one is our highest priority, but the recognition from our fellow Santa Marians really makes us proud of what we do.

Best Long Term Care Santa Maria California


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